PVAG watersystems GmbH

Shear and scoop spray system

System advantages

Osmosis plant   Dosing unit shear
Demineralised water tank   Dosing unit scoop
Demineralised water booster station   Shear/scoop oil tanks
Soft water plant   Control unit
Supply water filter station   Mixer cabine
Electrical control and pump cabinet optional expandable   Nozzles
Shear blades      



PVAG water systems water systems specification Possible settings 1:50-1:2000, standard rate is 1:700

Machine Gob weight Bottle / min Emulsion quantity
Single - gob 600g 60 5l - 10 l/h
Doube - gob 230g 220 10l - 20 l/h
Triple - gob 120g 500 20l - 50 l/h

Maintenance / Service:

  • Extremely high system availability
  • Clean and low maintenace system
  • Usage of worldwide available standard components
  • Remote maintenance and connection to the PVAG water systems help desk Improvement and trainig by our experienced team


Cost optimal investment ratio in respect to investment, consumption and availability.

Process stability:

  • Usage of engineered and process capable materials and components
  • Custom made water conditioning for cost- and quality efficiency
  • Avoiding micro biology by shortest piping from mixing point
  • Long distances between cabinet and nozzle possible
  • Integration of the system into the plant water concept
  • Customized control touchpanel with a wide range of applications


  • Engineered solutions for optimal ratio concerning consumption, shear cooling and lifetime
  • Cost efficient water and oil consumption
  • Cost efficient water conditioning
  • PVAG water systems engineered nozzle for an advanced automation

Ready for future projects (Expandability):

  • Software can be adapted to future expansions
  • Dosing cabinets are capable of additional hardware for coming production lines