PVAG watersystems GmbH

Scraper and Cullet Water Sstems



The scraper water plays an essential role in the glass industry and has to be engineered under consideration of the following points:

Health and Safety

  • During a production break down the system is designed to handle the heat of the scraper water not to exceed 55°C even when the whole production goes to the scraper

Process secureness

  • The system has to be engineered in a way that the income temperature is constant at 30°C


  • Contaminations like oil, emulsion and glass particles should be separated
  • Running the system in a closed circle
  • No contamination of ground or sewage

CapEx and OpEx, Layouting

  • Custom made solutions to reduce CapEx by meeting the local restrictions
    at low operating costs and Layouts wich fits the local sraper water location



The glass industry stands for sustainability especially in the area of raw material use and glass recycling. To use cullets in the glass melting process means saving raw materials and saving energy - Going for Green!

In Europe it seems to be easy because excellent recycling systems are implemented and the use of recycled cullets does not influence the glass melting process and final product in a negative way.

The international challenge is to sort and to clean cullets in a way that they can be reused in the furnace. The PVAG advanced cullet cleaning systems are specialized in order to wash the cullets and reuse them in the glass process.